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At last, a salon computer system that is quick and easy to use, and it’saffordable!  The cost to buy most systems currently on the market is out of reach for a lot of salon owners, but we need one to make it easier to run our business, so often we opt to keep paying monthly rental/leasing payments, THAT NEVER SEEM TO END.

I was tired of paying huge on-going costs associated with the previous system that I used in my salons, so it was time for a change. I wanted a system that was simple enough for everyone to use, with or without previous computer savvy.

I’m a hairdresser, not a computer operator, so it was important to change to something that I could afford to buy outright, and wasexactly what it said it was, K.I.S.S. (and we all know what that really means) I have been using the K.I.S.S system for over twelve months now and I have to say it is the best move I ever made. I now have no more on-going costs, it’s simple enough for anyone to use, and it does everything I need it to do, and more, saving me time and money.

Take a look and compare, you won’t be disappointed.

Happy hairdressing,

Pam Lavender Scamps Hair Studio

Ph: 08 8382 3099

In January 2006 I purchased the K.I.S.S. programme from Ken. Since then I have never looked back. The programme is very user friendly; its concepts are self explanatory, making it very easy to use.

Ken has been very helpful and very patient with me whenever I have needed help, even if it is the simplest thing. Ken realises that every business runs differently with different systems in place, so he allowed us to make some changes to the programme. Nothing is too hard for Ken!

This programme has helped me in so many ways in running my salon effectively; I don’t know how I managed in the past. It has been a great pleasure working with Ken. He is definitely a man of his word and everything he has promised me he has delivered.

There is no hidden cost like most other companies. I would have no hesitation in recommending the K.I.S.S. programme to anyone. I wish Ken all the best for the future and know he will succeed and excel in anything he does.

Yours sincerely,

Angela Dion Plumes Hair and Beauty

Ph: 08 8211 9488


FINALLY! We’ve found someone who cares!

Troubleshooting and coaching, Ken’s always at the end of the phone with the patience of a SAINT! And besides all of that, it’s not called KISS for fun!

KISS marries all aspects of our business together easily, with the team excited about tracking their results, to stock ordered at the click of a button, & easy marketing to clients from the K.I.S.S. database.

 An inexpensive investment to increase the “Bottom Line” of our business!

Heidi Rollins

Cocos Hair & Day Spa

Ph: 08 8339 3077


I didn’t want a system until I met Ken.  He was very sympathetic to my needs, especially when it came to staff that didn’t like change. I had played with other systems and found them a waste of time. I cried when I was told the ease of transferring information to MYOB, because 9 salons worth each week can take days—now it takes seconds! 

Ken’s system is very easy to use.  I have more control of my business, and my staff help by keeping things up to date everyday.

Ken is really approachable and he never thinks any question is stupid.  He worked with me and my team and installed the system into each salon when I wanted.  It took no time and was very quickly loved by all.

I didn’t want it; now I can’t live without it!

Christina Marsden

Mane Hair Salons 

Ph: 08 8357 1466



Having 3 salons and being ever tired of the paperwork war we needed to find a computer system and software package that would streamline our business

requirements. So why did I hesitate?  One word FEAR, because there are so many to choose from and I had so many questions. Is it going to be user friendly for my staff, yet detailed enough to provide us with a full business analysis? Can I network the system back to home, will it have stock control, marketing, payroll, staff performances etc?  The list was endless.  The most important question was “who is going to look after me once I’d made my decision and what backup or ongoing support will I receive?” Was the person that installed the system going to be my contact? As hairdressers we deal in a very personalised service industry yet I found with many of the software packages on the market the support they provided was not personal at all.

Then I was introduced to Ken Docking owner of About Time Business Solutions and the designer of “KISS” software.  The whole process couldn’t have been simpler.  The name says-it-all really.

Ken has provided us with the personal service that we were looking for, stepping us through the whole process and explaining things in laymen's terms so that even the most computer illiterate of us could understand. What I thought would be an ordeal with a never ending barrage of phone calls from staff has been amazingly simple.

DON”T HESITATE as I did and start to reduce your management stress today.

Thankyou Ken xxx

Yours truly, Louise Vaughan

Solutions Hair Contemporary Hairdressing

Ph: 08 8338 2588