About Time Business Solutions


Adelaide, South Australia.  A.C.N. 065 549 395

Phone: (08) 8240 4800

Mobile: 0403 040 515

 "It's about time! ...friendly, no-nonsense help with every aspect of home and small business computing. If you need anything to do with computers, software, printers or networking, then we can meet all of your needs. The solution to your problem is just one phone call away. About Time Business Solutions - For those who want their problems solved the first time!"

Meeting your needs in home and small business computing.

"When you buy a computer from us, we send an expert along to set it up for you, at NO EXTRA CHARGE!"


Why would you want to go through the hassle of trying to set up your new system, when an expert could do it for you, and it's included in the price?